• Derek Diskin

First Thing's First... Keep it Clean

Why are we so meticulous about keeping our trucks & equipment clean? Well, first off, it just makes everything look and feel awesome. Presentation is key in our book, & everyone loves a shiny truck...

It's easier to clean a clean house, right? Same goes for vehicles, plows, skid steers, garages, and everything else we use. If we keep it wiped down, vacuumed out, and free of trash it just makes that process so simple each time it's done (often). Keeping a truck's interior spotless makes it more enjoyable to drive/ride in and it's much nicer for the next person using it. No one likes a sticky steering wheel.

The more you clean your equipment the longer it lasts. DUH. We all know this - but not everyone takes the TIME to actually do it. Is it a little more work? Yeah. Is it worth it? YEAH. It might be obvious, but things run better when they're not caked in mud and dirt. That stuff gets in places it shouldn't, starts grinding and wearing on parts, and does damage. You can also see that something's cracked or broken if it's cleaned up, too. Catch that stuff early and your problems stay minor.

Also, being in the snow business, we have salt trucks... Road salt works as a chemical to melt ice. This causes rust & an early aging on vehicles driving over all the salted roads. The earlier you get that salt rinsed off the less it can corrode the undercarriage. When bathing our trucks we ALWAYS make sure to pressure wash as best we can underneath, as that's where all that salt gets kicked up, to prevent this corrosion in the first place. This is something the general public should be doing too- it affects all of us that drive in the winter weather.

If you see one of our trucks 'driving dirty' down the road, it's probably had a hard day on a muddy site, dirt roads, or in a snowstorm & on its way back to the shop for a pressure wash. Because we're all about keeping it clean ;)

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